Egil Hjelmeland programvareutvikling

Organisasjons nummer: NO 985 137 102 MVA
I am an independent consultant, offering services related to software development. I will design, implement and test a product. I can also assist in detailing the specification of a product, and document it. My specialty is realtime, embedded, telecom SW. But I am more than happy to work in other fields of SW engineering.

I can work as part of a bigger project, or I can take the total responsibility of a small project. Being based in Trondheim, Norway, my primary market is the many local technical companies. But I am of course happy to provide assistance elsewhere also.


I hold an "sivil ingeniør" title within SW engineering, equivalent to a Master of Science degree. I graduated from NTH (now NTNU), Trondheim in 1990. After a year in military service, I worked until mid 2002 for two different companies with software development:

At the end of 2002 I started up as an independent consultant.

See also my CV.